In Episode 3, Ostakmani Island Empire came into existence. It was spawned under Falkland (ia), taking a small part of it. It was on the Blue side in The Island Wars. First, Falkland (ia) took it's northern part. Then, Isimland was captured, and Ostakman surrendered. Ostakman was a victim of The Nukes of Episode 3.

In episode 4, It was revived by Cupid. Not much in that episode.

In episode 5, Nothing happened.

In episode 6, the same thing happened in episode 5. (Nothing)

In Episode 7, Ostakman was on the Red side. Ostakman took the Islandonesian eastern island. Islandonesia surrendered pretty easily.

In episode 8, Ostakman was... Episode 5 and 6.